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You earned it

Never spend another minute waiting for payday. Get access to money you have earned, whenever you need it

Salad puts your earnings

in your hands

On a flexible paycheck, you can choose how you earn, spend, save, and pay bills with ease. Break away from debt cycles and create the lifestyle you want, free from financial worries.

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Built for Africa’s future workforce

Salad creates financial wellness solutions for the improved lives of employees across Africa. We seek to bring financial security, freedom, and ease to millions of working adults on a monthly paycheck. With our Salary on Demand feature, we partner with employers to offer their people access to a portion of their earned salaries, when they need it.



Make the most out of your living, free from debt and payday cycles.

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Your money, when you need it.

Withdraw up to 50% of your total earnings, any day. Get paid in less than 10 minutes, via USSD.

Interest and worry-free

Think of us as your spare cash buddy. Zero interest on all withdrawals and less things to worry about.

Reduce financial stress

Don’t let money problems control your day. Take the first step on your journey to a better life.



The best productivity hack for your people is a life that is free from financial stress.

Zero cost, low risk, more rewards

Our priority is to ensure the financial well-being of your people, at zero cost and low risk to you.

Transform your team’s productivity

The business thrives better when your people are more engaged and motivated. Make it easier for them.

Be the employer who prioritizes well-being

We help you build a people-centred culture that is healthy and beneficial for everyone.

Join our growing list of businesses who have Gone green

Offer healthy and beneficial solutions to your people.


For Employers

Follow these simple steps to set up your account hassle-free: 1. Registration: Begin by creating your account, providing essential details such as your company name, address, Registration number (RC), Tax Identification number (TIN), total number of employees, and monthly payout volume. 2. Verification: After registration, expect a verification email in your inbox. Your account will be fully verified within 24 hours upon completion. 3. Payroll Creation/Upload: Utilize the downloadable payroll sheet provided by Salad. Populate the required information and promptly submit. 4. Effortless Management: Take advantage of the intuitive dashboard to monitor employee activities, track transactions, and stay updated with notifications. With these straightforward steps, you'll be up and running in no time, enjoying seamless account management and efficient oversight of your company's activities.

In your role as an employer, you hold the authority to seamlessly enable or disable users within the Salad platform. This action can be effortlessly executed through the "Employees" section available on the menu. This control over user access ensures you have the flexibility to manage your workforce's participation on the platform with ease.

Integration comes at no cost whatsoever.

Yes, we do. You can visit us at 18, Ibikunle street, Yaba, Lagos.

Dissimilar to loans, our approach grants employees access to funds they have genuinely earned during the month. This unique feature not only mitigates risk for you as the employer but also extends this accessible solution to every member of your team, eliminating the need for elaborate procedures on your end.

Sharing your payroll information ensures smooth and accurate distribution of instant cash and loans to employees. It helps allocate funds correctly, verify eligibility, set loan limits, and ensure financial transparency. Your data's privacy and security are paramount; we handle it with the highest care and confidentiality.

We have streamlined our invoicing process for your convenience. On the day you choose, we'll email you a comprehensive invoice containing all your employees' monthly transactions.

Please send us an email → [email protected]